SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your tiny droplet of a site get found in the ocean of the World Wide Web. It involves associating your site address with keywords that enable your site to be located whenever anyone types those keywords into a search engine.

And that’s about the extent of my knowledge about SEO.

SEO Settings on Wix

Let me go back into my Learning To Blog website and show you what “SEO” looks like in Wix.

Once you navigate over to the Blog posts lists, hover the cursor near the three dots to the right of the post to make the Edit button magically appear.

Selecting the Edit button opens up the post. There is a vertical menu on the left. Here’s where you’ll find the SEO menu button.

There are four tabs on the SEO menu:

  • Assistant
  • Basics
  • Advanced
  • Social Share

Assistant Tab

Let’s just have a quick look at the Assistant tab.

It’s a lot like a to-do list. I suspect that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is behind this. It analyzes what you have done on your site so far and comes up with a list of tasks for you to tackle next. You can learn more about the Assistant tab and what the items on the to-do list mean on Wix’s support page on this topic.

I believe the Assistant tab is a recent feature. I don’t remember seeing it when I first created my Wix blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still some bugs to work out. As such, I’m not going to worry about it too much right now. Instead, let’s have a look at the Basics tab.

Basics Tab

So there it is. A bunch of information that doesn’t mean much to us yet.

Fortunately, when you write your post, Wix automatically pre-populates some of the SEO information for you. So for the time being, there’s nothing you need to do here. But if you’re really keen and want to learn more about the Basics settings, have a look at Wix’s support page about this tab.

SEO Noobs

So is that it? We don’t need to do anything? Well, I know that there are entire courses dedicated to the topic of SEO so there must be more to it than this. As far as what concerns us noobs, though, this is probably all the SEO we need to know or do for now. We won’t even look at the Advanced and Social share tabs at this point. I’m sure we’ll come across this topic again as we continue our blogging journey.

Feature image credit: Photo by Ivan Babydov from Pexels.